March Madness

This year’s tournament has been truly exciting. The number of upsets and Cinderella stories make this year one for the ages. I do have a few thoughts; imagine that, on this year’s tournament. First, the whole concept of an upset is something dictated by opinion. Example, the Oregon Ducks. Oregon started the tournament as a #12 seed and therefore both of their wins are seen as upsets. The fact that we now have three double digit seeds in the Sweet 16 is simply a by product of opinion, or for lack of a better explanation, self made hype. My second thought is around the play itself, or lack there of, due to the overly physical nature of the games. I want to see high flying action, amazing athletes and spectacular plays. Instead I see big bruising college kids bullying their way through games. This has led to some of the lowest scores in history.

With all that said, I managed to get 12 of the Sweet 16 correct in my bracket. I will hate anything and everything Wisconsin for the next year. Below is a snapshot of my bracket. Go Hoosiers!!