Lil Wayne, AKA Lil Tuneche, AKA Young Weezy, released his new album, I Am Not A Human Being II on March 23, 2013. I spent the last week listening and wanted to share my thoughts. First off a little more information on the album that I found interesting. Kanye West actually designed all of the album art and packaging including the cover. Lil Wayne features several artist on this album including; 2 Chainz, Soulja boy, Drake, Future and many more. By far, 2 Chainz outperformed all and brought what I thought were the two best non-feature songs on the album way up. The album is just over 65 minutes long and contains 15 total tracks. I bring this up because of the following information. The entire album contains 182 uses of the word “nigga” 102 uses of the word “bitch” and 38 references to shooting people. Therefore, you would hear the word “nigga” almost three times a minute if you listened to the entire album – WOW. Here I was thinking Lil Tuneche was going to clean up a little LOL.

Not to the actual music. Everyone knows the featured tracks of “No Worries” and “Love Me”. Both of which are amazing. “No Worries” is more classic Lil Wayne and “Love Me” is a little more main stream, but each brings their own mix of comedy and downright nastiness. Sadly there are only two additional songs that caught my ear and have been added to my Spotify playlists; “Days and Days” and “Rich as Fuck”. As I mentioned before, each of these tracks feature 2 Chainz how absolutely kills it. There are some interludes that revert to some singing and slow the music down however, the songs overcome them.

That’s all I have – enjoy the music.



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