NFL Playoff Predictions – Your Welcome

Hello and welcome football fans. I have decided to share my vast football knowledge and abilities with the world! This first post will project the 2014-2015 playoff teams and winners! While most use a very scientific method and analysis i have a much different approach. My approach is a blend of personal opinions, home team-ness, fantasy football roster bias, and plain old gut feeling. 

Enjoy and your welcome 


Seeds: 1. Broncos; 2. Patriots; 3. Bengals; 4. Colts; 5. Chargers; 6. Texans.

Wild card round: Bengals over Texans; Chargers over Colts.

Divisional round: Charger over Broncos; Patriots over Bengals.

Conference championship: Patriots over Chargers.


Seeds: 1. Saints; 2. Packers; 3. Eagles; 4. Seahawks; 5. Cardinals; 6. Bears.

Wild card round: Eagles over Bears; Seahawks over Cardinals.

Divisional round: Saints over Seahawks; Packers over Eagles.

Conference championship: Packers over Eagles.

Super Bowl: Packers over Patriots.


Is Derrick Rose ever really ready for a test….

As you all know I am one of the biggest sports fans you will find anywhere. The athleticism, passion, discipline, and commitment athletes show is rarely matched. Regardless of talent, most, and I stress most, professional athletes epitomize what it takes to be successful in life. One that does not is Derrick Rose. This is a topic that has been bothering me for a few weeks now. Let us first start with the facts. Derrick Rose is a former Rookie of the Year and NBA MVP who plays, well played, for the Chicago Bulls. He was the youngest MVP ever in the NBA. Most consider him one of the top point guards in the association (NBA for you none slang users). Rose was a one and done college player for the University of Memphis and took them all the way to the Championship game. Ok, enough positive, lets get to the juicy stuff

Rose tore his ACL (knee) in the first game of the first round of the playoffs in April of 2012. The estimated recovery period for this type of injury is 8-12 months. This is where the story gets good. Through last summer and fall Rose rehabbed his knee and was on track to return within the previously mentioned timeframe. In March of 2013 Rose was medically cleared to play basketball on his surgically repaired left knee. A little more background; the NBA season runs from late October to mid April which is when the playoffs start and take the post season all the way through May. For this season, Rose’s salary is 16.4 million dollars. Keep in mind, he gets paid regardless of his play or lack there of. When the news broke of Rose’s recovery, fans were excited for him to return and help carry the team deep into the playoffs. However, as of today, he has not played a single second. Even though he has been seen dunking off of his alleged “bad” knee…

Rose continues to say he is not “mentally” ready to return. What does that even mean? Rose is an athlete, not a scientist. I understand the elite confidence that athletes have and the need for it, but come on, where is his competitive spirit. Where is his loyalty to his teammates and the fans that pay his salary? Oh wait I forgot Rose is not good at mental tests. Remember, he is the one who had someone sit in and take his SAT for him during his senior year at Chicago’s Simeon High School so he could get into Memphis.

I guess we should not expect Rose to take well to a mental test, perhaps he can find someone else to play the mental part of the game for him. With 16 million dollars I am sure you can buy a solution.




Lil Wayne, AKA Lil Tuneche, AKA Young Weezy, released his new album, I Am Not A Human Being II on March 23, 2013. I spent the last week listening and wanted to share my thoughts. First off a little more information on the album that I found interesting. Kanye West actually designed all of the album art and packaging including the cover. Lil Wayne features several artist on this album including; 2 Chainz, Soulja boy, Drake, Future and many more. By far, 2 Chainz outperformed all and brought what I thought were the two best non-feature songs on the album way up. The album is just over 65 minutes long and contains 15 total tracks. I bring this up because of the following information. The entire album contains 182 uses of the word “nigga” 102 uses of the word “bitch” and 38 references to shooting people. Therefore, you would hear the word “nigga” almost three times a minute if you listened to the entire album – WOW. Here I was thinking Lil Tuneche was going to clean up a little LOL.

Not to the actual music. Everyone knows the featured tracks of “No Worries” and “Love Me”. Both of which are amazing. “No Worries” is more classic Lil Wayne and “Love Me” is a little more main stream, but each brings their own mix of comedy and downright nastiness. Sadly there are only two additional songs that caught my ear and have been added to my Spotify playlists; “Days and Days” and “Rich as Fuck”. As I mentioned before, each of these tracks feature 2 Chainz how absolutely kills it. There are some interludes that revert to some singing and slow the music down however, the songs overcome them.

That’s all I have – enjoy the music.


March Madness

This year’s tournament has been truly exciting. The number of upsets and Cinderella stories make this year one for the ages. I do have a few thoughts; imagine that, on this year’s tournament. First, the whole concept of an upset is something dictated by opinion. Example, the Oregon Ducks. Oregon started the tournament as a #12 seed and therefore both of their wins are seen as upsets. The fact that we now have three double digit seeds in the Sweet 16 is simply a by product of opinion, or for lack of a better explanation, self made hype. My second thought is around the play itself, or lack there of, due to the overly physical nature of the games. I want to see high flying action, amazing athletes and spectacular plays. Instead I see big bruising college kids bullying their way through games. This has led to some of the lowest scores in history.

With all that said, I managed to get 12 of the Sweet 16 correct in my bracket. I will hate anything and everything Wisconsin for the next year. Below is a snapshot of my bracket. Go Hoosiers!!